Barrier Repair Rose Hip Oil


The missing link in your skincare routine

A time-tested skincare staple, loaded with nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Look no further for your new favourite beauty must-have. It couldn’t tick any more boxes if it tried.

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What does Omorfi Active Barrier Repair Rose Hip oil do?

You can’t go past this essential addition to your daily skincare routine. Full to the brim with Vitamins A, C and E. its attributes are almost too many to mention. From its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, to its cell-regenerating, collagen-boosting and skin-brightening traits, you’d be better off asking what can this oil not do.

Is Omorfi Active Barrier Repair Rose Hip oil for me?

Omorfi Active Rosehip oil offers deep, thirst-quenching moisture for all skin types and its healing properties include fading of scars and hyperpigmentation, and healing of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis.

Rosehip oil is easily absorbed by the skin and is great for improving scarred and dehydrated skin. It is very moisturising and will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and redness.

When do I use Omorfi Active Barrier Repair Rose Hip Oil?

You can use Rosehip oil once or twice a day, either on its own or mixed into your daily moisturiser.

To keep your luscious Omorfi Active Barrier Repair Rose Hip Oil lovely for longer, store in a cool, dark place or in the fridge.


  • Delivering essential hydration for soft, supple skin. Especially important for ageing skin.
  • Rosehip oil contains oodles of essential fatty acids, including linoleic and linolenic acid. These fabulous fatty acids help to keep cell walls strong and full of moisture, as well as protecting the skin from bacteria, outbreaks and infections.
  • Naturally exfoliating properties of rosehip oil reduce dullness for glowing, vibrant skin.
  • Vitamin A encourages new cell growth.
  • Vitamin C also encourages cell regeneration, boosting overall glow.
  • Your body naturally makes less collagen as you age. Rosehip oil is rich in vitamins A and C, both necessary for collagen production.
  • Rosehip is rich in polyphenols and anthocyanin, which reduce inflammation. It’s also got vitamin E, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant.
  • Antioxidants Vitamins A, C, and E visible reduce sun damage and photoaging.
  • Vitamin A is made up of several nutritional compounds, including retinoids, which reduce hyperpigmentation and other signs of ageing.

Product Details:

  • Non-toxic
  • Paraben and Sulphate-free
  • Pharmacist formulated
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No artificial colours
  • Cruelty-free
  • Australian made
  • Australian ingredients
  • Handcrafted in a specialist Australian skincare lab


How is rosehip oil made?

Rosehip oil or rosehip seed oil comes from the rosa canina rose bush, grown mostly in Chile.

Unlike its flowery cousin – rose oil (extracted from rose petals) – rosehip oil is pressed from the fruit and seeds of the rose plant.


Use on its own or add a few drops to your favourite moisturiser – like Omorfi Active’s Day / Night Skin Balm.

Additional information




Rosehip – that’s it.

Suitable for

All skin types, Acne-prone skin, Vegan


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