This is Omorfi

Australian skin care, with purpose

Omorfi is the culmination of a dream, created by a weapon clinical aesthetician who harnessed years of experience alongside a little bit of science and a whole lotta passion.

And don’t forget to throw in a global pandemic.

Recipe for greatness?
You betcha.

She’s a dreamer, a doer, and an absolute goddess of glowing goodness

Ang Domagala is the owner of multi-award-winning salon, Lekeyah, one of Australia’s most advanced skin rejuvenation clinics.

Located between Melbourne and Gippsland, her clinic is a renowned beauty destination that sees clients travel hours for a single appointment. She’s truly one of a kind, coming from a long line of strong, smart women who don’t do things by halves.

So for a woman whose life purpose is to help people feel their best and rock what they’ve got, what happens when she’s faced with lockdown after lockdown after bloody lockdown?

Let’s just say there were no Netflix binges in her foreseeable future. Frustrated with the lack of medical-grade skin products available – particularly without toxic and ineffective filler ingredients – this Greek goddess of glowing goodness got to work. A clinical aesthetician who’s worked with every skin type imaginable and a pharmacist who knows the science behind Ang’s purposeful ingredients? It was a match made in epidermal heaven.

When we talk about beauty, we’re talking about real beauty – the kind that takes your breath away

Contrary to what the skin care industry will tell you, it’s not about perfection.

Real beauty? That’s when every cell of your body is smiling.

You’re radiant, glowing and gorgeous – happy and confident.

As we say in Greece? You’re Omorfi.

No fillers and no fluff – just honest ingredients that do what they say

Influenced by more than a decade of treating clients genuinely suffering with severe skin conditions (and quite possibly Ang’s straight-talking Greek heritage), Omorfi Active Skincare is bullshit-free.

There are no lies or false promises, no preying on the emotional and psychological turmoil of skin conditions, and no out-of-reach price tags.

So, what is Omorfi, then?

Fluff-free formulations using active ingredients

(to target specific skin concerns)

Honest, hand-picked ingredients

(no fluff means a more potent product)

Medical-quality ingredients

(active ingredients for a therapeutic effect)

Solutions for all skin types

(because we’re all uniquely unique) personalised skincare at home)

Pharmacist-formulated skincare

(and free of stuff we just can’t pronounce)

Results that are more than just skin deep

(because when we look good we feel good – and that’s real beauty).

Not sure where to start?

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Ang's picks

Omorfi Active Skincare isn’t just a whole lotta awesomeness wrapped in simple, sleek packaging. It’s also a life-changing skincare experience that does exactly what we say it will.

How do we know?

Omorfi Active Skincare hit the public in 2021 – and we couldn’t keep it on the shelves.

Our guarantee

Our products aren’t just for superficial benefit. They tackle real issues like acne, rosacea and aging without the use of expensive, harsh chemicals. We hand-on-heart believe they’ll make a real difference to your skin and your wellbeing.

And if they don’t? Just call us. Truly. We’re an open book. 

Our promise

We want every woman to feel Omorfi. We promise complete and utter transparency. Our skincare products are jam-packed with active ingredients designed to improve your skin and your confidence – and 100% transparency of ingredients and we’re open with Every. Single. Ingredient and their related effects – something no other beauty company does.

Throw in our educational videos and thriving online community and you’ll quickly see just how genuine Omorfi Active Skincare is.

After all, we’ve got nothing to hide.

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